Twin Cities Tool Swap and Expo
Mark Duginske
Mark Duginske is a fourth generation central Wisconsin woodworker. He makes his living as a woodworker, designer, writer, and inventor. He was formerly a contributing editor to Fine Woodworking Magazine and now writes for a number of magazines. His work has appeared in Fine Woodworking, Fine Home Building, The Design Book, Americana, Chicago Magazine, Architectural Digest, Architectural Record, Woodsmith, American Woodworker, Woodworker's Journal, Wood Shop News and Wood News. His restoration work in the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio in Oak Park, Illinois has appeared on This Old House and the PBS Frank Lloyd Wright Special. He has 9 patents on woodworking tools.
Roger Knudson
I have been building furniture for a long long time! I have never wanted to copy anyone else's design and so, with a bit of design element borrowing here and there I have always made my "own" designs, and not just somewhat altered designs of others. It's just a thing I have. I have taken three two-week courses at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship several years back and found it to be an absolutely super school. It helped move me a bit further into outer space as a designer.
Mark Laub
I aspire, as William Blake suggests, "to see the world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wildflower". I have been making artful objects for nearly 25 years and have shown my work in galleries and juried exhibitions across the country. I have received second runner up Best in Show at the Smithsonian Craft show, have twice received the award of distinction from the American Craft Council, and am a National Niche Award recipient. I was part of the team that created the 2009 ArtCase piano for Steinway and Sons. My work is best described as always beautiful, occasionally functional, and never ordinary. All my pieces feature a compelling external geometry that encourages closer examination. Each offers fascinating internal spaces that invite exploration and celebrate the true beauty that always lies within.
George Wurtzel
George Wurtzel is a nationally known woodworker. He has worked in Michigan, the Twin Cities and North Carolina. He currently has a shop in Greeneville, Tennessee. He lost his eyesight at a young age due to hereditary retinitis pigmentosa. What he lacks in sight, he more than makes up for with touch, hearing, and the smell of wood. He is noted for his artistic pieces and woodturning and for his classical architectural work for turn of the century buildings. He builds one-of-a-kind pieces, however one of his designs has sold over 1 million units. He was commissioned to build a custom coffee table for Stevie Wonder, and he built the Court House doors in Traverse City.
George Vondriska
George Vondriska has been teaching woodworking since 1986. You may also know George from his work as the Tools and New Products Editor for American Woodworker Magazine, his articles in Fine Woodworking, WOOD, and Woodworkers Journal magazines, or from his current position as Managing Editor of the WoodWorkers Guild of America.
Roland Johnson
A contributing editor to Fine Woodworking Magazine, Roland recently completed a series of online video classes for Taunton Workshops, available at He is also a featured presenter with The Woodworking Shows.